Audio Production

We offer a complete audio production service for voice recording, music recording, sound effects and translation services in many languages. Our host of services brings together an enviable range of sound solutions for all your audio needs. Adding to our services and existing studio with mixers, we also own a dedicated room named ‘Symphony’ principally for mixing sounds. Symphony is equipped with Apogee Duet and Yamaha HSM 50 Speaker for effective output. We also host a voice bank, a repository of more than 400 voice samples in many different languages which can be easily shortlisted or selected. You will have [...]

Music Production

VOICCEE STORE brings to you all facets of music production and recording; from composing to mixing and mastering-it could all be done here, under one-roof. It is our privilege to offer services by providing the list of some well-established music directors and singers attached with your studio to meet your expectations and needs. In addition to the keyboard, live orchestra involving Indian percussions, flute, shehnai, veena, drums, guitar etc., could be added to enhance your sound track. Our music production service employs recording tricks, effects and techniques and then reproduces them in the studio. Our audio production facility will ensure [...]
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